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هيئة دراسات إدارة الأعمال

Dr. Khalid Abu Zayed
Head of Faculty of Business & Management Studies

On behalf of the The Faculty of Business and Management Studies staff members and myself, I deeply welcome you dear visitor to browse the Gulf College Website and acquire all the required information you are looking for about the Faculty of Business Studies' staff members, programmes and study plans.

The Faculty of Business and Management Studies is one of the three prominent academic faculties at the Gulf College – Muscat. It provides six specialized awards in the following academic disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Business Economics, Marketing Management, and Travel and Tourism Management. All mentioned disciplines award the Diploma in Higher Education, and the Bachelor's Degree with Honours. The awarding body for all mentioned above awards is Staffordshire University in UK.

The Faculty of Business and Management Studies consists of Thirty Two (32) academic staff members, who are diversified of various nationalities and scientific ranks. The student strength in Faculty of Business Studies is enormously increasing on yearly basis.

The Faculty of Business and Management Studies consider itself a leader in the field of Business studies and we are very much indeed proud of being the first in the Sultanate of Oman to have the first batch of Special Need Students (SNS) in Business Management Award and also to have the capabilities enabling them to become creative business leaders in a globally competitive environment.

I appreciate the academic staffs for their contribution of research publications in various national, international journals and international conference. I also congratulate the faculty of Business and Management Studies for their efforts in conducting various workshops to staffs and students of FBMS. The percentage of Publications, Colloquium and Workshops has constantly increased during the academic year 2014 – 2015. I wish that all the FBMS academic staffs to contribute more with their research knowledge to get grants from TRC in form of ORG or FURAP.

The Faculty of Business and Management Studies staff members are always eager and keen to work together as a team in the designing of up-to-date study plans by which the Gulf College vision and mission are achieved. In compliance with our Gulf College mission and vision, we, the The Faculty of Business and Management Studies, aim at serving the local, regional and international community by offering them internationally recognized and innovative academic qualifications that are appropriate to the needs of the students, the job market requirement, and adhere to the standards of excellence.

The Faculty of Business and Management Studies holds more than (8) scientific forums per semester, aiming at contribution to building an academic ideology in students' minds and linking theory with practice in order to provide the Arab and the regional labour markets with qualified graduates, equipped with local knowledge, values and skills of people who can make a positive difference at the workplace. To guarantee this goal being achieved, The Faculty of Business and Management Studies delegates business students in field visits to official institutions in both public and private sectors, so that it helps students broaden their skills and give them the chance of finding jobs easily after graduation; not only that, but our experienced staffs at the students counseling unit attempt to link students to appropriate jobs before they graduate.

It is worth to mention that The Faculty of Business and Management Studies pursues and works hard to realize the Gulf College vision in contributing to outline the higher education future and develop the human resources in Oman; its adopted strategy for making this come true includes the following tools:

  • Improving the competencies of its academic staff members via courses and forums that are conducted twice per semester by specialised experts from Staffordshire University, and furthermore, developing the staff expertise by encouraging and supporting their scientific research, and providing them with needed cooperation for publishing the best selected works.
  • Attracting new qualified staff members who posses diverse skills and expertise.
  • Validation and revalidation of the academic programmes.
  • Computerising the academic modules and programmes.
  • Providing the faculty with computers and advanced teaching technology that serve the education process in the best way.

Bachelor's Degree with Honours Programmes:

  1. BA (Hons) in Accounting
  2. BA (Hons) in Finance
  3. BA (Hons) in Business Management
  4. BA (Hons) in Business Economics
  5. BA (Hons) in Marketing Management
  6. BA (Hons) in Tourism Management

Diploma in Higher Education Programmes:

  1. Accounting Diploma in Higher Education
  2. Finance Diploma in Higher Education
  3. Business Management Diploma in Higher Education
  4. Business Economics Diploma in Higher Education
  5. Marketing Management Diploma in Higher Education
  6. Tourism Management Diploma in Higher Education

FBMS Staff

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