College Board

The College Board is the governing body of Gulf College. It comprises both shareholders and non-shareholders. The board meets four times in a year to consider matters of importance to the college which are included in its set agenda.

Members of the College Board


Dr. Issa Sabeel Al Bulushi                   Chairman, Board of Directors; Vice Chair, Board of Trustees                               issaco@omantel.net.om


Prof. Dr. Taqi Bin Abdulredha Al Abduwani




Dr. Shameena Mehtab
Deputy Dean - Quality Assurance & Partnerships

Dr. Mohaned Al Obaidy
Deputy Dean - Academic and Research

Mr. Waleed Said
Deputy Dean - Admin and Finance




Dr. Khalid Abu Zayed
Head - Faculty of Business & Management Studies

Mr. Abubucker Shamsudeen
Acting Head - Faculty of Computing Sciences

Mr. Masood Ahmad Khan
Head - Faculty of Foundation Studies




Mr. Raviraj Shetty
Academic Registrar – Centre for Admission and Registration

Mr. Manhel Munir Shaker
Manager –  Centre for Information Technology and E-learning

Mr. Rizwan Ahmed
Centre for Postgraduate Studies



Duties and Responsibilities

The College Board holds the following tasks and authorities:

  1. To approve affiliation agreements with partner institutions;
  2. To approve the college internal regulations, policies, processes;
  3. To make recommendations related to the college strategic plan and annual operational plan;
  4. To regularly monitor the achievements of the individual centres towards their financial and  non-financial targets based on the annual operational plan;
  5. To approve Gulf College staff’s appointment and termination
  6. To approve the annual staff increment based on the outcomes of the Staff Performance Appraisal;
  7. To deal with any staff grievances
  8. To closely follow up on strategic issues related to:
  • Legislation bodies
  • Action Plans from the External Examiners, Annual Monitoring Reports and University Programme Advisor Report.
  • Risk Management
  • Cross Centre coordination
  • Resources (Human, Physical and Financial)
  • Marketing and Relationships with Sponsors
  • Stakeholders’ perceptions of Gulf College (students, staff, industry, community and the legislation bodies)