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About us

Deputy Dean-Student & Admin Support

Mr. Waleed Said
Deputy Dean-Student & Admin Support
Tel: 24468666  Ext.: 103

Administration and Finance is a Department in Gulf College that supports faculty, staff and students.  Administration and Finance directs to maintain budgeting, planning, manage, steward and keeping in safe the college resources in Finance, Human and Physical facet.
Administration and Finance adheres to institutionalize the progress of financial communication with all stakeholders of the college.  Administration and Finance holds to continuously prolong the financial vigor of the College for current operations and future educational and technological advancement.

1. To recruit and employ on a long term basis staffs and lecturers that has adequate skills and knowledge on a required academic and non-academic positions.
2. Provide financial support within the college financial policy to maintain college administrations operation on a going-concern basis.
3. Maintain and manage college resources effectively and efficiently.
4. Strategize the use of college physical assets.
5. Mobilize securities to facilitate appropriate maintenance of the college resources.

1. Own accountability
2. Offer excellent service
3. Maintain integrity
4. Maintain ethical standard
5. Perform professionalism and respect
6. Practice teamwork and cooperation