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Centre for Institutional Development

Dr. Agnes B. Ilagan
Tel: 24468666  Ext.: 187


The Centre was established in the year 2016 to support revenue generating process from non-core activities. The centre will generate revenues through various partnerships with the Industry, Schools, Peer Higher Education Institutions and Small Medium Enterprises through providing the following services and projects.


  1. Research and Consultancy: It provide customised business as desired by the clients as to the Management, human resources, Marketing, Information technology and Social Media. Works on the assigned projects for certain periods depending on the complexity of the issue
  2. Corporate Training: Provides specific training solutions tailored to the clients’ learning and development needs in the areas such as Management & Leadership Development, Train the Trainer, Facilitation Skills, Lean Management, Change Management etc.
  3. Surveys and Market Feasibility Studies: Provides feasibility studies for projects and services through SWOT Analysis, Formal and informal interviews and also provides data, comprehensive analysis and sustainable strategies to determine Market for products and services, consumer behavior changes, Startups and shutdowns, Online surveys, Performance gaps, Market demands etc.
  4. Product Development and Brand Building: Constructs brand development strategy, identifies the target clients, develops brand positioning, translates brand positioning into messages to reach the target audience, creates name, logo and taglines, builds marketing toolkit, tracks the implementation of the plans and results.
  5. Business Solutions: Creates how-to blog content, to provide actionable advice, creates apps and tools that will help solve problems, provide effective marketing strategies to facilitate growth, Collaborates with other creative specialists in order to provide consistent professional support in the most economical way and without compromise helps clients achieve a wide range of meaningful results for their businesses through seminar, workshops and training.

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