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An Extraordinary Experience of Cultural Exchange at the Heart of Gulf College

An Extraordinary Experience of Cultural Exchange at the Heart of Gulf College
5/17/2017 1:27:48 PM

Maabella, Oman – The Gulf Hall of Gulf College in Maabella was filled with fun, excitement and learning about cultures of different nations when the Gulf College International Students Annual Cultural Gathering (GCISACG) was staged last Wednesday, the 10th day of May 2017. 

The GCISACG featured various activities such as booth displays, cultural presentations, and time-honored games.  Each stall exhibited local materials and products like traditional foods, handicrafts, clothing, fashions, and innovations.  There were also stage plays and actions performed showcasing the heart-warming traditional songs and music, artistic and colorful tribal dances, and adorable indigenous literatures – all showing the richness of cultural heritages and practices unique and special particularly to the participating countries namely, Oman, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, Palestine, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, and Sudan. 

The entire celebration was graced by the Dean of College – Prof. Dr. Taqi Abdulredha Al Abduwani, the Deputy Dean of Quality Assurance and Partnerships – Dr. Shameena Mehtab, the Deputy Dean of Academic and Research – Dr. Mohaned Al Obaidy, the Head of the Faculty of Foundation Studies (FFS) – Mr. Masood Khan, the Program Leader of FFS – Miss Aisha Ghazi Haider, the Manager of the Centre for Career Guidance and Alumni Affairs – Miss Faiza Ahmed, and many more staff.   

It was likewise highlighted with the creation of ‘Rangoli’ art of the Indian culture that is thought to bring good luck, the singing of the unity song “We Are the World” as a culmination, and the banquet where traditional foods were shared by everyone after the programme.  Apart from acquaintances and friendships, the GCISACG was able to strengthen own cultural beliefs, understand and respect cultural diversities, internalise global citizenship, unity and teamwork, and promote peace and a deep sense of solidarity. 

Every second and stride of the program was breath-taking, and every laughter and fun was instance unforgettable.  It started with warm words of welcome by the programme hosts who stated the objectives of the cultural gathering.  It was followed with series of performances of groups of students such as the playing of Jordan acoustics, dancing Pakistani traditional steps, singing Omani melodies, singing Indian ballads, singing Sudan traditional songs, and wiggling Indian rhythms.  There was also a video about the Sultanate of Oman.   Miss Faiza Ahmen invited the audience to join in the singing of the unity song as she explained its relevance to GCISACG, and expressed her gratitude to the management of Gulf College, to the administrators of Indian School, and to the attachés and consuls of the following embassies: Qatar, Pakistani, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Sudan for all their invaluable supports.  

The jubilation was felt and observed from start to end of the program.  Everybody went back home with smiles expressing hearts filled with gratitude to Gulf College – an educational institution committed to contribute to developing the future direction of higher education, to producing students with the ability to think, achieve and excel, and to improving the quality of human resources in Oman.   Such commitment was concretised in the cooperation of the International Student Organiaation and the Centre for Career Guidance and Alumni Affairs to joyfully manage the programme, and made all the participants look forward to a similar activity in every year to come. 

Truly, it was an invaluable experience of solidarity beyond border at the heart of Gulf College.