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“ Critical Writing Skills” Students Workshop

“ Critical Writing Skills” Students Workshop
11/15/2017 12:33:02 PM

The  student’s workshop on Critical Writing Skill started at exactly 12:30 attended by 60 students.  The objective of the workshop is to develop among students the  Skills in Critical Writing. Specifically, the workshop provided clear understanding  on  the importance of critical writing, identified strategies on how to become a critical writer,  explained fully the characteristics of critical writing and how to become a critical thinker and writer and had identified linking words to be used in critical writing.

Highlights of the workshop is the discussion on how to start  writing their essay.  One of the difficulties that the students experience is the lack of skill in writing critically.  And to write critically is not an easy task to do.  The challenge for the students is how to start to write.  The process on how to start to write and formatting the essay were given emphasis.  Also, more linking words were discussed to be used in reinforcing ideas, change in ideas and to signal a conclusion.  These linking words will be very helpful in writing the essay. 

To be a critical writer is not done overnight; it is developed overtime.  Critical writing depends on critical reading and critical thinking.  To read critically is to make judgments about how a text is argued.  This is highly reflective skill requiring a writer to stand back and gain some distance from the text you are reading. 

Evaluation of the workshop was done by administering questionnaire to the students.  Output of this questionnaire will be used as feedback to improve the student’s workshop in Gulf College.