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GC adheres to OQNHE feedback conference on Strategic Plan 2017-2021

GC adheres to OQNHE feedback conference on Strategic Plan 2017-2021
1/4/2017 1:30:45 PM

GC adheres to OQNHE feedback conference on Strategic Plan 2017-2021

29 December, 2016 : 9 am,GC Conference Hall

By Dr Romeo C.Castillo

Description: G:\DCIM\165CANON\IMG_5391.JPGGulf College (GC) Chairman of the Board of Directors  and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and Dean Prof  Taki Al Abduwani  exhibited solid leadership in the College’s efforts to improve its overall quality status  in preparation for the upcoming accreditation by readily taking the initiative of  enhancing its offered services  through  the  sponsorship  and delivery of this conference  which was attended by well-known Universities and Colleges around the Sultanate. 

The OQNHE, a Collegiate network of Higher Education Institutions in the Sultanate of Oman held another conference  at Gulf College in Mabelah. The said feat  was  focus on the following objectives: Promoting a collaborative culture in order to facilitate the sharing of good practice, Involve the sector in the ongoing discussions on quality issues, Encouraging knowledge transfer, Identifying QM expertise in the sector, Encouraging collaborative research work with other education providers, Establishing a platform to share the scholarly work on quality management and quality enhancement, Raising the profile of the network, Ensuring a sustainable source of income, Developing mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of the network, including governance and its activities and Establish links with international networks in the higher education and industry. Then the attendees were given time to answer guiding questions :If you were to suggest another theme, what would it be? What is the most difficult challenge you anticipate for each theme? If you were to add a strategic goal, what would it be?What initiative would you like to see? Every group has been given the chance to answer the questions and others shared also their feedbacks during  the presentation. They have been given  a copy of the Strategic Plan 2017 to 2021 which includes the themes: Quality Culture, Capacity Building, Sustainability and External Relations. The conference ended with the distribution of certificates of participation signed by Dr. Said Masoud Ali Kashoob , Chairperson, OQNHE Executive Committee and Dr Hilal Al-Shidhani, Expert ,Academic Affairs and  Development.