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Centre for Student Activities

Mr. Mohamed Fouad Awad
Tel: 24468666  Ext: 133


Centre for Student Activities:

College Deanship works to train students to mature thinking, and strengthen in them the spirit of duty, and provide them with the basic tenets that will support their personality, and acquaint them to manage their own affairs by themselves, and developing their skills and individual initiatives, all this is done through the Gulf College groups in various fields, where group student activities in Gulf College form monolithic and interactive units to practice aspects of student activities, cultural, social, sports, arts, and community service activities and these groups allow full opportunity for students to meet with teachers outside the classroom in a gorgeous cohesion that aims to positive interaction between young people reaching to integrated personal that improves innovation and the ascension for the sense of Art and culture.

Mission of Centre for Student Activities:

  1. Contribute to building a student's personality prepares students educationally and socially, culturally and athletes and the development of spiritual and moral values to allow them to gain and acquire self-confidence and responsibility;
  2. Develop university’s student properly in a way to have sound intellectual, physical and social aspects and transmit the sound spirit among university students through the dissemination of cultural and sports and health awareness teachings;
  3. Summer student Activities is getaway for college students for recreation and renewal of their academic assimilation;
  4. Closer ties between the students and the faculty and staff college faculty members;
  5. Unending quest to discover the talents and creative energies and the potential of college’s students and the development of their abilities and skills in various different areas and refining it and encouraging them through the establishment and organization of sporting, social and scouting, artistic, cultural and rising their standard and encourage outstanding and distinguished the activities:
  6. Take advantage of the potential of students in community service, that will have a positive returns and impact for the country’s interest:
  7. Strengthening the link and interdependence between the college’s students and students of higher educations’ institutions through the hosting and the organization of the college of sports competitions and cultural events for students in higher education institutions in the Sultanate (Athletics Championship - Swimming Championships - Poetry competition of the Gulf College), and participation in outside activities and student activities in various fields;
  8. Organizing and holding activities and events (internal and external) for the college’s students as per the student activities approved plan (such as sporting events - events and cultural competitions and poetry evenings - celebrations and national - workshops, lectures and educational - educational trips and leisure - Open Day – final ceremony of the student activities to honor the outstanding students in college activities - participate in graduation) and other activities bring fruition for the student and the community:
  9. Strengthen the spirit of country’s loyalty by organizing activities that serve the community, such as the celebration of Hour of the Earth, Orphan’s celebration - to host the blood donation campaign day each each semester - participate in activities and national events – college’s celebrations for the National Day of the Sultanate annually – Participation of the college Post clan roving at the public Authority for Scouts and Guides activities.

Our Ambitious:

Building the student’s personality and polish and brighten their experience and talents in various domains such as art, culture, scientific, sports, as activities are a large theater and an outlet for students to express themselves and practice their hobbies and develop it and acquire the necessary expertise that support them and lead them to always keep pace with global developments, which is reflected positively on their scientific excellence and the promotion of sense of belonging to the country. 


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Designation: Manager of the Centre
Email: m.fouad@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 133

Designation: Coordinator
Email: suad@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 132

Designation: Coordinator
Email: ahmed@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 132

Designation: Coordinator
Email: hafiya@gulfcollege.edu.om
Ext No: 132