General Foundation Programme Leading to Higher Education

The Faculty of Foundation Studies aims at equipping the students with the required Generic, English Language, Application and Integration skills of effective learning and succeeding in Higher Education Programmes taught in English. The Programme suits the requirements of those who need to enhance their English Language and key underpinning knowledge and skills to take up the study of degree programmes. The faculty facilitates and provides an effective route for progression onto undergraduate programmes.

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The General Foundation Programme consists of General English Language, Mathematics, Information Technology and Academic Study Skills. 

On successful completion of the GFP, the students proceed to Level-3 (pre-requisite to Level-4).  In Level-3, English language modules (English Language Proficiency and English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills) will continue to be delivered. The aim is to meet the partner university entry requirements of IELTS 6.0 for Level 4.

The programme equips the student with necessary skills, competencies and communication abilities to proceed on to Higher Education Programmes. The Generic modules focus on the development of essential personal and study skills, practical numeric skills and information technology skills. The English Language module focuses on providing a firm grounding in language skills in all elements (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking).

GFP is a one semester programme based on Oman GFP standards. The entry requirement is IELTS 3.5 and the exit requirement is IELTS 5.0. The English language module will continue to be delivered in Level 3 block one and two i.e. the University programmes for Level 3 will be 120 credits plus 40 credits for English Language. The English language module of 60 credits which will be delivered over 3 semesters (one semester of GFP and two semesters of Level 3) aims to meet the partner university entry requirements of IELTS 6.0 for Level 4.

GFP is a one semester programme spread over 15 weeks duration. This is subject to students achieving success in all modules in the programme to enter Level 3 (pre-requisite to Level-4).

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