About Centre for Research

About Centre for Research

Gulf College scholars conduct researches in various fields of study that are related to the specialisations of the Awards offered in the College and Partner Universities, and seek to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight. The Centre for Research and Entrepreneurship helps in fostering cooperation among different researchers, as well as the exchange of ideas and initiatives through dialogue, research and education. The centre combines the interests of the entrepreneurial and the innovation ecosystem within and outside Gulf College.


Research Strategic Goals

Gulf College’s research objectives for the next 3 years are to:

  1. Create a research environment that inspires and enables both students and lecturers to undertake innovative research projects and scholarships;
  2. Ensure that the research findings will be utilised effectively by both students and lecturers;
  3. Identify, develop and implement strategically important research partnerships with the industries locally and internationally;
  4. Develop and motivate staff and students to be actively engaged in multidisciplinary research collaborations both for professional development and community services. Increase the total research output for all faculties for every succeeding year by 15%; and,
  5. Improve research quality, impact and international research-based institutional ranking.

Research Polices

Our research should be in consonance with Oman’s Vision 2020 and TRC’s sustainable development programmes. The research topic or area must highlight the possible benefits of the research with regards to teaching, learning, and policy-making. Any research can proceed with an ethical approval of the CRE committee.

Research projects are given enough time to conduct each phase of the research process.  A timeframe is defined at the start of any research project and shall be included in the terms and conditions of the agreement, as in the case of commissioned researchers.  It is the responsibility of the faculty Research Coordinators to motivate, encourage and track each of the faculty researcher’s progress and provide them with the necessary support.


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