The Entrepreneurship through the Centre for training and Professional Development (CTPD) is one of Gulf College Student’s support services.  It aims to deliver high quality, innovative training solutions that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of organisations, employees, students, self-employed and entrepreneurs. It also offers a wide range of training programmes which include information technology, business, industrial and commercial courses.


In collaboration with the three faculties (FBMS, FCS and FFS), the SME training programme was delivered to enhance the workforce and contribute to the process of capacity building of entrepeuners.  The programme covered the following topics:

  • Soft skills in the management of small and medium enterprises Personal skills, (nine soft skills), Interpersonal skills (10 soft skills), and Situational Skills (12 soft skills). 
  • Preparing, evaluating and developing the idea of the project (from desire to reality)
  • Transform the idea of the project into a successful Business Model Dashboard (Canvas)
  • Use of technology in the management and operation of SME’s
  • Strategic planning and operational planning for SMEs.
  • Marketing for Small and Medium enterprises: Marketing principles and management methods (Concept 7P - Traditional Marketing - Electronic Marketing - B to B Concept, Consumer Behavior Study, Public Relations Network)
  • Business Project Management (Feasibility Study/Business Plan/ Business Model / Business Development)
  • Accounting and financial management for SME’s : (financial statements: principles of understanding and analysis - management accounting and cost studies - risks - return concept, assessment and decision making - auditing and financial reports - taxes)
  • The legal environment for SME’s (the laws governing small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate of Oman, institutions / registration and licenses / contracts)
  • International trade (concepts of internationalisation and globalisation - Foreign exchange and exchange - Foreign currency transactions risks - Insurance and guarantee transactions in foreign currencies)/ Closure session by Pr. Taki Al Abduwani, Dean of Gulf College.

The programme was concluded by Prof. Taki Al Abduwani, Dean of Gulf college followed by the awarding of SME training certificates.



In addition, Gulf College signed the memorandums from different government agencies  to strenghten the SMEs in the Sultanate of Oman to support and assist the entrepreneurs in the sultanate.