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مراكزنا | مركز إدارة الجودة و تطوير القدرات | مركز ادارة الجودة

مركز ادارة الجودة


لقد تم تكليف مركز إدارة الجودة للحفاظ على، وتعزيز وتحقق الجودة في كل العمليات الأكاديمية وغير الأكاديمية في كلية الخليج.

يلتزم مركز إدارة الجودة إلى تحقيق التوازن بين ضمان الجودة الداخلي والخارجي من خلال تحديد ونشر الممارسات الجيدة في مختلف كليات ومراكز دعم الطلاب في كلية الخليج. توجه مبادرات ضمان الجودة لتعزيز الثقة بين الأطراف المعنية فيما يتعلق بالمعايير الأكاديمية في كلية الخليج من خلال ضمان وتحسين الجودة. يشارك مركز إدارة الجودة بصورة كبيرة في توثيق جميع المجالات الوظيفية للكلية ومراقبتها ومراجعتها وتقييمها لضمان تحقيق رؤية الكلية وللتحسين المستمر والتميز. يلتزم موظفين مركز إدارة الجودة وفي سعيهم لتحقيق التميز من خلال تضمين الرغبة للجودة في كل شخص يتفاعل مع كلية الخليج، وذلك من خلال العمليات والإجراءات المحددة بدقة وفاعلية.

تتلخص أهم مسؤوليات مركز إدارة الجودة في التالي:

  1. تطوير، مراقبة، ومراجعة السياسات والإجراءات بالكلية؛
  2. مراقبة ومتابعة تطبيق خطط العمل على مستوى الكلية او المراكز ذات العلاقة بضمان الجودة الداخلية والخارجية؛
  3. إعداد وإدارة قوائم التقييم الذاتي للهيئة الأكاديمية ؛
  4. تولي وإدارة مسوحات الرضى والتي تتضمن كل من أصحاب المصلحة الداخليين والخارجين؛
  5. تحقيق معايير ومتطلبات الجهات الوطنية والدولية لضمان الجودة؛
  6. تحسين وتطوير معايير الجودة بجميع جوانب أنشطة كلية الخليج. 
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Designation: Deputy Dean – QA & Partnerships


Shameena has a Master’s and a PhD in Economics from Mangalore University, India. She has extensive background in QA and has lead Gulf College in various reviews and audits conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Oman Academic Accreditation Authority, partner universities, ISO etc. At Gulf College she is responsible to establish the quality culture, monitor and review periodically the processes and procedures to ensure continuous improvement of the quality system and also to meet the requirements and needs of all stakeholders in order to provide educational service of high quality.


Ext.: 105

Moses Rajmohan

Designation: Quality Assurance Coordinator


Mr. Moses is a postgraduate in Marketing and Finance, having a strong academic and administrative experience for over 21 years in India and Ghana. He joined Gulf College in September 2012 as a lecturer. A certified ISO internal auditor from TUV SUD Germany. He currently serves as Quality Assurance Coordinator at the Centre for Quality Management. His responsibility extends to the periodic review of college wide internal control procedures, processes and forms, in order to identify and suggest improvements that increase the overall efficiency of the College. He takes the lead role in working with management and other stakeholders to ensure compliance and regulations of ISO standards. The preparation of risk register and updating risk reports are also part of his regular tasks.


Ext.: 158

Joseph Bangayan Cuarteros
Associate Professor, Quality Assurance Coordinator

A PhD holder, major in Development Education (2006), MA in English (2004) and Bachelor of Secondary Education in English (2002) at Cagayan State University, Philippines. At present,    QA Coordinator, CQM at Gulf College.
A licensed teacher and has attended various seminars, workshops and trainings on instruction, quality assurance and research. His enthusiasm to teach the bright young minds increases with no bounds with each passing day. 
Published and presented researches in various international refereed journals and international conferences. In order to keep him abreast with the current trends of teaching and quality assurance issues he has registered  in some international organizations such as QS World Ranking, Times Higher Education- MENA, IATFL, etc.

Email ID:
Ext.: 143

John Velloreuzhathil Chacko
Designation: Quality Assurance Coordinator


Teaching experience of more than sixteen years in the HEIs in India both for PG and UG level and for the UG level in the Sultanate with MCA and MBA (IS) as educational qualification. Have strong background of developing programming skills among students.Conversant with the use of computer technology in the applications of business principles to data-driven decision making. Highly committed to professional ethics and accustomed to working in a multicultural environment. Being the Quality Assurance Coordinator with the Centre for Quality Management, thorough understanding of the internal and external Quality Assurance processes in the HEIs. Accustomed with the steps and procedures of MoHE, Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA)and the Total Quality Management system of Gulf College.

Ext.: 158

Prathibha Sharmila D’silva
Designation: Administrator- QA & Partnerships


Qualified with Masters in Economics from Mangalore University, India and Masters in Hindi from Karnataka State Open University, India. Having 6 years of teaching experience in India and over a decade of experience in office administration.     

Ext.: 189