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In order to enhance the current Policy Management Framework, the Executive Committee in collaboration with the working group for Policy Management steered a couple of workshops on 4th October and 8th November 2018 to review the framework. The Policy Management Framework establishes a system for developing, approving, monitoring and reviewing all policies periodically.

The rationale of the workshops is to take into account the feedback of the relevant stakeholders. Prior to these workshops, there were series of meetings and consultations made by the Policy Management working group to ensure that the framework is fit for purpose and is fully aligned to Gulf College’s context in Oman.  

Dr. Rima Mansoor Al Zadjali, Dean and the Chair of the Executive Committee, initiated these workshops and elaborated that the College needs to  take  a  systematic  approach  to  policy  creation,  review  and  approval. She stressed further that these workshops boost the confidence of other authoring bodies since the Executive Committee has given them proper guidance and support. Meanwhile, Dr. Joseph Cuarteros, QA Coordinator and the Responsible Officer for Policy Management, presented the framework and the progress of the work done by the working group to the relevant stakeholders.  The participants’ suggestions and comments were taken into consideration.

During the said workshops, the authoring bodies presented the draft policies to the participants. Among these policies were Student Data Maintenance, Academic Advising, Academic Integrity and Entity and Activity Review. The participants were able to give their constructive suggestions and comments for the enhancement of these policies. The inquiries of the members of the other working groups were also appropriately addressed.

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