Academic Year 2019-20

Special Need - Pastoral Class Schedule for the Resit - Sept 2020

Module Name

Level & Block


Room No.





Level 3

Introduction to Quantitative Methods L3B2 Dr. Romeo (Ammar) F1       11:30 12:30
English Language Proficiency L3B2 Mr. Ashraf  (Omaima) S13     10:00-11:00  
 Management in Contemporary Organisation  L3B2 Mrs. Suzan (Ridh) S13 10:00 – 11:00      

Level 4

Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business L4B1 Dr. Anna (Ridha) F1     10.00-11.00  
Introduction to Marketing L4B2 Mr. Amjad  (Ammar) S13   10.00-11.00    
Business in a Global Context L4B2 Mr.Mohmed Salim (Ridha) S13 12.00-1.00      

Level 5

Work Experience with Personal Development Planning L5B2 Ms. Faiza (Ammar) F1       10:00-11:00 

Level 6

Strategic Management L6B1 Dr. Faisal (Omaima) F1     11:30-12:30  
Business Structures and Regulations L6B2 Mr. Ali (Omaima) F1 10:00 -11:00      
Leadership & Change Management L6B1 Mr. Ahmad (Omaima) S13       12:00 -1:00
People Resourcing and Development  L6B2 Mr. Suzan (Ridha) F1   10:00 -11:00    
HR Strategy and Professional Practice L6B2 Dr. Gina (Omaima) F1 11:30-12:30      

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