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About the Department

The Admission and Registration Department provides the link to support the students from admissions until graduation. The department is dedicated to provide support to help the students in the fields of admission, transferring from other colleges through Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) and Advanced Standing (AS), study time table, results, complaints and grievances by building a conducive environment that considers the diverse and multicultural group of students and that which ensures mutual respect. The department guides the students in all fields, i.e., provide adequate information for the students about the college (instructions, programmes, lesson plans) through induction programme and monitoring and following-up student problems and work to provide appropriate solutions. The department aims to provide services and support in meeting the needs of Gulf College prospective, current and graduate students to ensure smooth transition to succeed in their educational goals.

Our Objectives

  • Services related to the centre are restricted to prospective, active and inactive students in undergraduate programmes.
  • To ensure timely services to prospective, active and inactive students;
  • To comply with the requirements of the legislative, regulatory bodies and partner universities;
  • To ensure the security and confidentiality of student records;
  • To ensure the provision of timely updated student records to various stakeholders;
  • To safeguard student data against internal or external physical, non-physical and security threats;
  • To adapt technology advancement on speed and accuracy for student services.
  • To work collaboratively with all related entities to provide better student support services; and
  • To maintain student satisfaction on various services offered by the centre.


  • To provide timely services to prospective students in General Foundation Programmes and undergraduate programmes;
  • To guide and support prospective students to turn enquiry into admission; and
  • To maintain accurate records related to student profile.

Registration and Student Records

  • To provide timely services to all active and inactive students in undergraduate programmes;
  • To maintain accurate records related to student registration and academic progression;
  • To coordinate, manage and announce students’ result in a timely manner; and
  • To maintain and issue students’ academic records and other relevant documents.


Rabab Al Hammadi

Head of Admission & Registration Department
Ext.: 234

Salwa Al Tarshi

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 130

Fatma Al Masuudi

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 199

Arwa Al Balushi

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 183

Sharifa Alrajaibi

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 124

Hasna Al Jabri

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 123

Ahmed Al-Saadi

Admission & Registration Administrator
Ext.: 122

Ahmed Sulaiman Al Qayoudhi

Admission & Registration Administrator
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