Admission Criteria

Are you looking for a General Foundation Programme or a UK undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme and later earn a UK certificate in the Sultanate of Oman? then, we welcome you to Gulf College!

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If you are interested in applying, you can do the following

·         You should meet all the requirements set by the College and regulations set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation, Sultanate of Oman.

·         You must submit all of the following items to the College’s Centre for Admissions and Registration:

·         Original copy of the General Education Diploma or equivalent attested by the Ministry of Education – Sultanate of Oman

·         Two (2) photocopies of National ID Card and Passport

·         Four (2) recent passport-sized photos

In addition, you should meet the following criteria

  • for Undergraduate Programmes

    o    other entry qualifications set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation, Sultanate of Oman and agreed by Cardiff Metropolitan University/Staffordshire University; and

    o    Successful completion of General Foundation Programme of GC  (for entry to  Level 3)

    o    Copy of certificate(s) of any additional educational qualifications.

    o    Applicants can claim for exemptions of certain modules or levels through the RPL/AS route.


    for Postgraduate Programme


    1-    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (A Good Grade or 2:2 as per the British Higher Education System);


               Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (‘Pass’ or ‘Satisfactory’), with a minimum two-years work

               experience in the field of specialisation; OR

               Diploma or equivalent with a minimum six-years of relevant managment work experience.

    2-    A score of 6.0 in IELTS (Academic) or equivalent.

    3-    Any other entry requirements set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation,

    and the partner university.

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