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About the centre

The Centre for Quality Assurance & Enhancement (CQAE) has been mandated to maintain, enhance and validate quality in both academic and administrative processes at Gulf College.
The CQAE is committed to balance both internal and external quality assurance by identifying and disseminating good practices across various faculties and student support centres in Gulf College. The quality assurance initiatives are directed to promote confidence among the stakeholders regarding academic standards of Gulf College through quality assurance and quality enhancement. The major engagement of CQAE is to ensure that all functional areas of the College are documented, monitored, reviewed and evaluated to demonstrate the College’s vision for continuous improvement and excellence. Apart from this, it is CQAE’s role to initiate the review of the strategic and operational plans, policies and risk management.

Our Objectives

  • To promote institutional quality culture;
  • To ensure that policies, regulations, procedures and forms related to all activities of the institution are in place;
  • To ensure the compliance with the requirements of the legislative and regulatory bodies and partner universities;
  • To ensure the constructive alignment of teaching, learning and assessments;
  • To regularly review entities and activities across the institution;
  • To analyse institutional data and statistics to support informed decision making;
  • To ensure stakeholders satisfaction; and
  • To spearhead activities related to self – study, programme validation, programme licensing and accreditation.

Staff :

John Velloreuzhathil Chacko

Acting Director-Centre for Quality Assurance & Enhancement
Ext.: 158

Meenakshi Vythianathan

Quality Assurance & Enhancement Officer
Ext.: 158

Alaa Ismat Al-Attili

Quality Assurance & Enhancement Officer
Ext.: 143
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