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The Centre for Admin and Finance (CAF) supports the staff and students. CAF directs to maintain budgeting, planning, manage, steward and keeping in safe the college resources in Finance, Human and Physical facet. The CAF also provides advice and assistance to students on financial matters especially to those students in financial difficulties and ensures that the student finance does not hinder their studies at Gulf College.

The centre provides the following services:
  1. Provides information on the tuition fees for the various courses

  2. Provides guidance on the installment facilities available to students

  3. Provides guidance and assistance in applying educational loan through Banks

  4. Advices on various check points for collection of tuition fees

  5. Provides finance clearance certificates to claim ifadahs and certificates

  6. Provides and helps international students in processing their visa and immigration requirements

  7. Oversee the hostel facilities for the female students Recruit qualified staff to fill vacant positions

  8. Maintain and manage college resources effectively and efficiently.

  9. Strategise the use of college physical assets.

  10. Mobilise securities to facilitate appropriate maintenance of the college resources.

Mr. Waleed Said

Student & Admin Support

Mr. George Abraham

Director Centre for Admin & Finance

Mr. Jerson Aranha

Finance Manager

Mr .Abid Moosa Al Balushi

Public Relations Manager

Mrs. Huda Al Habsi

CFSS Staff

Mrs. Shamsa Al Ruqadi

CFSS Staff

Ms. Sunitha Ramankutty

CFSS Staff

Mr. Abdullah Al Balushi


Mr. Assad Al Wahibi


Mr. Ahmed Sulaiman Khamis


Mr. Ahmed Hassan Al Balushi


Mr. Sulaiman Al Zidgali

Head, Security Department