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About the centre

The Human Resource Centre plays a vital role in Gulf College in terms of the overall employee satisfaction and their well-being. It is the mission of the CHR to provide effective and efficient human resources management by creating and implementing services, programmes and policies which contribute to achieving the college strategic goals. The core objective of the Centre is to deal effectively with recruiting, training and staffing needs of the college. Hence, it is imperative to formulate strategies to attract qualified and competent staff and to ensure that the work environment is favorable to the staff’s productivity and well –being. Additionally, the main functions of HR are recruitment, promotion, employee relations, professional development/ training, staff appraisal, job description development and review and labour law compliance.

Our Objectives

  • To hire and retain qualified and competent staff;
  • To assess and enhance staff performance;
  • To identify and provide training and professional development programmes for staff members;
  • To match the workforce to the needs of the College through proper planning;
  • To promote work life balance;
  • To comply with legislative, regulatory bodies and partner universities requirements in staffing; and
  • To maintain staff satisfaction on various services offered by the centre.


Anwaar Taqi AlAbduwani


Firdaus Al Aufi

HR Assistant