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The Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement (CQAE) has been mandated to maintain, enhance and validate quality in both academic and non-academic processes at Gulf College.

The CQAE is committed to balance both internal and external quality assurance by identifying and disseminating good practices across various faculties and student support centres in Gulf College.  The quality assurance initiatives are directed to promote confidence among the stakeholders regarding academic standards of Gulf College through quality assurance and quality enhancement.  Major engagement of CQAE is that, all functional areas of the college are documented, monitored, reviewed and evaluated to substantiate the college’s vision of continuous improvement and excellence.

In this pursuit of excellence the staffs at CQAE are committed to embed a desire for quality in each and every individual who interacts with Gulf College, through well laid out processes and procedures.

The major responsibility of the CQAE is to:
  1. Develop, monitor and review the implementation of the Policies and Procedures in the College

  2. Monitor and follow-up the implementation of the action plans of the faculties/centres related to the internal and external quality assurance activities

  3. Prepare and administer self-evaluation check list for all the faculties/centres

  4. Conduct satisfaction surveys involving both internal and external stakeholders

  5. Meet the criteria and requirements of the national and international quality assurance bodies

  6. Enhance the quality standards in all the activities of the College

Mr. John Velloreuzhathil Chacko

Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ext.: 158

Dr. Joseph Bangayan Cuarteros

Associate Professor, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ext.: 143

Ms. Prathibha Sharmila D’silva

Administrator - Partnerships, Quality & Registry
Ext.: 158