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Welcome to Gulf College, your partner on your journey through higher education!

Gulf College is an excellent place to start your higher education in the Sultanate of Oman. Situated in the capital city of this peaceful and warm country, the College houses a modern campus with contemporary teaching and learning environment. At present, the College has a desirable strength of 3000+ students from culturally diverse backgrounds. Currently, there are students from 16 different countries studying, on campus.

   The ethos of this College is to mould every student into a responsible and independent citizen with strong character, integrity, and moral courage. Its aim is to develop our student’s capabilities and potential in a way that makes them career-ready and skilled to face the challenges of the 21st century.

   At Gulf College, we place our prime stakeholders – our students at the forefront of all our activities. Students are the focal point of all decisions and their needs form an integral part of all operations.  Our tenet is to provide students with a learning experience on a par with international universities. 

   The College is highly quality-focused. We believe in using creative and innovative approaches to enhance student experience and accomplishments. Our team of highly qualified and well-experienced academic staff members are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with students and aiding effective knowledge transfer. Among them are advisors and counselors who are always available– whether it is to give a helping hand or to raise your standard to the next higher level.

   The College provides the opportunity for experiential learning through its work placement module. In lieu of experiential learning, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department was established to nurture entrepreneurship among students. Its aim is to encourage self-starters and provide support and guidance for budding entrepreneurs.

  The College has active Memorandum of Understanding with CIMA and CISCO, which recognise it’s undergraduate programmes and provides preferential exemptions for students wanting to pursue these professional certifications.

   The Centre for Students Affair presents an array of opportunity for the all -round development of students. The Centre supports and encourages students to engage in various sports and voluntary activities that aid them in the development of healthy and well-balanced individuals. 

   I welcome you to our College, to look at what we have to offer and liaise with staff members to learn how we could be of service. I can assure you that Gulf College will be a great place to start your higher education, one that will help you unravel your true potential and present you with endless possibilities.

Dean, Gulf College
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