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About the Department

The Communication and Outreach Department serves as an interphase between the college and all of its internal and external stakeholders. The department is responsible to ensure the college’s mission, visions and key directions are communicated consistently and correctly to all parties concerned, through the conception and execution of high-impact and effective marketing campaigns. In this endeavour, the centre uses various media including but not limited to videos, web contents, print, social media, press release, publications/articles, etc. in order to get across message(s), efficiently.

Our Objectives

  • To effectively market and attract prospective students;
  • To identify the opportunities in attracting and recruiting international students;
  • To initiate the setting of student recruitment target;
  • To help prospective students’ from enquiry to enrolment;
  • To identify and implement suitable marketing promotion strategy;
  • To keep monitoring the conversion of enquiry to enrolment;
  • To enhance Gulf College brand image internally and externally;
  • To support programmes and events that exemplify the brand identity that the college has built for itself; and
  • To build and maintain a positive client relationship.

COD works in partnership with all Faculties, Centres, Departments and Units within the college to develop strategies that achieve set goals and objectives. The Centre’s main functions encompass the following:

  • To collate information and produce required collaterals for the marketing of the college, its programmes, facilities and related activities.
  • To develop a consistent and unique brand identity for the college in the marketplace and ensure the colleges branding guidelines are followed across the college and outside
  • Planning and execution of student recruitment plan
  • Organising for the colleges participation in national and international exhibitions
  • Signing of MOU’s and maintaining strong relations with international student recruiters around the world, particularly with those in the Middle East.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the college website, social media and other relevant digital platforms.
  • Develop and design advertising and promotional material as appropriate from time to time for various needs of the college.
  • Maintain client relationship
  • Provide coverage for social responsibility activities that are carried out by various faculties, centres and departments in the college.
  • Communicate about promotional offers, new developments, changes etc. through appropriate media to reach the concerned audience.

Staff :

Sadiq Abdulkareem Al balushi

Student Support Station Staff
Ext.: 120

Suad Abduallah Al-Mahrooqi

Marketing Specialist
Ext.: 128

Muthla Khalid Almanwari

Marketing Specialist
Ext.: 121

Tasnim Salim Suliman Al Zidi

Graphic Designer
Ext.: 195

Dana Al-Mujaini

Graphic Designer
Ext.: 195
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