Disabled Students

Gulf College provides opportunities for disabled students to study the following programmes:

General Foundation Programme: Leading to Higher Education

The Centre for Foundation Studies aims at equipping the students with the required Generic, English Language, Application and Integration skills of effective learning and succeeding in Higher Education Programmes taught in English. The Programme suits the requirements of those who need to enhance their English Language and key underpinning knowledge and skills to take up the study of degree programmes. The Centre facilitates and provides an effective route for progression onto undergraduate programmes. The General Foundation Programme (GFP) is a quality assured programme by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Centre for Foundation Studies

The General Foundation Programme (GFP) is a programme based on the Oman General Foundation Programme standards. It is designed to prepare students to their higher education studies.  The GFP of Gulf College is quality assured by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

        The General Foundation Programme consists of General English language, Mathematics, Information Technology and Academic Study Skills.  On successful completion of the GFP, the students proceed to Level-3 (pre-requisite to Level-4).  In Level-3, English language modules (English Language Proficiency and English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills) will continue to be delivered. The aim is to meet the partner university entry requirements of IELTS 6.0 for Level 4.

       Through the General Foundation Programme, Gulf College assists the students in acquiring essential skills needed to embark upon their academic journey and it aims to provide a positive learning environment where students can access academic services through the Academic Advising System and non-academic services through various student support service centres.

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