Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the programmes offered by Gulf College?

GC is a private Higher Education Institution that operates in Oman under the supervision of Ministry of Higher Education. GC offers degrees through affiliated arrangements with UK Universities such as Staffordshire University and Cardiff Metropolitan University. On the successful completion of the course requirements the certificates are issued by the affiliated UK Universities,

For the list of programmes, please see

2. What are the general admission requirements?

The following needs to be submitted along with the accomplished application forms:

  • Original Secondary School Certificate or equivalent
  • four recent passport size photographs
  • copy of the passport
  • registration fee of OMR 100 or USD 260 (non-refundable)

NOTE: additional documents may be required to submit based on the nature of student application (international, transfer from other colleges, return/re-activation

3. Do I need to study Foundation programme?

Yes, if you have not done any Foundation course. However if you are able to produce evidence of English proficiency (valid IELTS 5.0 or equivalent)along with the other requirements, then you may be exempted from  Foundation programme  which will lead you to be placed at Level 3. Please see details about GFP:

4. Does Gulf College accept international students?

Yes, GC accepts international students. The student has to bring relevant documents such as transcript, course descriptors and equalisation letter from the MoHE. Please refer to link.

GC also offers visa to international students, the applicant should complete a minimum of 6 months stay in Oman. Please see further details:

5. If I finished some course from other college or university, does Gulf College recognise it upon my admission?

Yes, through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / Advance Standing (AS) . For details, please see

6. When is the deadline for application/registration?

GC has two semesters that is first week of October and March of every year, applicants have to complete their applications and get the approval at least two weeks before the two weeks from the start of the semester.

7. Do I have an option to register online?

No, as you need personal appearance during registration. However, online module registration can be done by the existing students.

8. I used to be a student in Gulf College, how to “reactivate” my registration /status in Gulf College?

Reactivation or rejoining can be done only within the first two (2) weeks from the start of the semester. Latest result might be needed to any of your application along with finance clearance also, sponsor’s approval (if any).

9. If I feel that I have made wrong choice of programme during registration, can I change it?

Yes, you can change the programme within the first two weeks from the start of the semester.

10. What if I missed to submit/attend any assessment?

You can apply for Extenuating / Mitigating Circumstance provided that you will produce an evidence to justify your failure to submit /attend assessment. The application is subject for approval or rejection by the committee.  Please see the links of partner universities’ procedure on application.



11. What can I do if I fail a module?

If you have not passed the module on the first attempt you may be granted a referral (resit). This may depend on your level of engagement on this module. The maximum mark you are able to achieve for any referral assessment is 40R unless an extenuating/mitigating circumstances claim has been upheld against the assessment. You may talk to your academic advisor for further details.

12. How many credits do I need to achieve to progress to the next level?


Progression onto Level 4 120 credits at Level 3 plus two English Modules
Progression onto Level 5 At least 90 credits at Level 4 or outstanding a single module single Level 4 module
Progression onto Level 6 120 credits at Level 4 and at least 90 credits at Level 5 or outstanding a single Level 5 module

Level 4, 5 and 6 students can carry forward a maximum 30 credits and also upto 30 credits can be compensated at Level 4, 5 and 6.



Progression onto Level 4 Level 3 students  should complete 90 credits from Level 3 before progressing onto Level 4 and can carry forward a maximum 30 credits from Level 3 (excluding English Language modules )
Progression onto Level 5 Level 4 students should complete 100 credits from Level 4 before progressing onto Level 5  and can carry forward a maximum 20credits from Level 4
Progression onto Level 6 Level 5 students can’t carry forward any credit from Level 5 to Level 6 (must complete 400 credits before progress onto Level 6)

*Up to 40 credit can be compensated at Level 3, 4,5 and 6 with an overall average mark of 40%

13. What is AUP/AD?

If a student is caught cheating or attempting to cheat during assessment will be subject for investigation and required to accomplish an Academic Unfair Practice / Academic Dishonesty form. Both terms apply the same; the former is for CMET while the latter is for SU. The investigation may lead to upholding or rejection of the case. Please the links of Partner Universities’ procedure on application.

SU :

CMet :

14. Who is an academic advisor?

They are the assigned staff who look after, assist, and provide advising throughout your journey in GC.

15. When can a student “withdraw/drop-out” from study?

A student must complete and submit the withdrawal form to Registration Office within three (3) weeks from the start of the semester or upon completion of a particular semester. Unless this form is received, the Registration Office will not be aware of the withdrawal and you may remain chargeable even if you withdraw from the course within the specified period. Latest result might be needed to any of your application along with finance clearance also, sponsor’s approval (if any).

16. Can I ask someone to collect my Ifadha/ certificate and transcript?

It is strongly advised that the student himself/herself should be the one to collect either document. For exceptional cases, you may ask someone to collect Ifadha on your behalf provided that the person has “authorisation letter” from you. Authorisation letter must contain name, signature, phone number and civil id / national id copy of the student and the recipient. For certificate and transcript, it is compulsory that the owner himself/herself will be the one to collect along with duly accomplished clearance form.

17. What entertainment facilities are available in Gulf College?

Most of the sport facilities are available both indoor and outdoor (student recreational center). In addition, GC has facilities for social interactions and various activities which include sports, cultural events, scholars and different activity groups.

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