Gulf College International Students Ambassador Club

Gulf College International Students’ Ambassador Club is a new initiative proposed by the Career Guidance & Alumni Relations Department and Gulf College international undergraduate students.

         Ambassadors are students who are currently studying at Gulf College and who have been chosen to represent the College in the world. Gulf College international ambassadors help other students with practical tips about life in Oman and studies at  Gulf College. They take part in activities organised by the College, and share their emotions, hopes, dreams and experiences through the club’s facebook page .They share ideas, participate in different events, and appreciate each other’s cultures. So far, 17 international students have joined the club, making it a multi-variegated group of people coming from different corners of the world.

The main aim of the club is to offer a reliable platform to support potential students to pursue their degree in Gulf College by answering their practical questions and clearing up their doubts.

Names of International Ambassadors:

  1. Ms. Anushka Sharma (Indian) – BA (Hons.) Travel and Tourism Management

  2. Ms. Lasitha Yashwani (Sri Lankan) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  3. Ms. Rabia Anjum (Pakistani) – BA (Hons.) Travel and Tourism Management

  4. Mr. Jawad Nabih Mohammad Al Raiy (Jordanian) – B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science

  5. Ms. Hissa Khamis R Y Al Sheraim (Qatari) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  6. Mr. Hussam Eldin Mohammed Al-Fouly (Egyptian) – B.Sc. (Hons.) Mobile Computing

  7. Mr. Ahmed Tariq (Sudanese) – B.Sc. (Hons.) Information System 

  8. Mr. Junaid Zulfiqar (American) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  9. Mr. Mamoun Mohammed Khir Serri (Syrian) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  10. Mr. Nather Sabeeh Kalash Al Mohammedawi (Iraqi) – BA (Hons.) Computer Science

  11. Mr.Bader Abdulaziz Taha Ghazwan (Bruneian) – BA (Hons.) Marketing Management

  12. Mr. Hussein Fadlalah Dahir Charif (Lebanese) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  13. Mr. Mohammed Salum Sleyum Al Rasihd (Tanzanian) – BA (Hons.) Accounting

  14. Ms. Hawraa Abdullah Mohammad Abdulwahab (Kuwaiti) – BA (Hons.) Business Economics

  15. Mr. AbdulRahman Abdulla Mohamed (Emirati) – BA (Hons.) Business Management

  16. Mr. Ramzi Badr  Elddine Houache (Moroccan) – BA (Hons.) Marketing management

  17. Mr. Mohammed Rashid MA Al Khater (Qatari) – BA (Hons.) Accounting

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