Gulf College Students Privilege

  1. Obtaining a university degree from a British University, while studying at
    a local college that has institutional accreditation from the Omani Authority
    for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance (OAAAQA)
  2. Possibility of attending graduation at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
  3. Academic qualifications: Diploma, Bachelor’s (honors), and Master’s
    degrees in academic affiliation with Cardiff Metropolitan University
    approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation
  4. New academic Programmes: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and
    Mobile Computing
  5. Possibility of retaking modules for free twice (if needed)
  6. Pastoral support and monitoring of students at risk
  7. Excellent student experience (several clubs and societies) and
    extra-curricular activities
  8. Flexible payment (paying tuition fees in installments)
  9. Various services offered by the library (borrowing books and using
    individual and group study rooms)
  10. Free access to the Cardiff Metropolitan University e-library and the
    ability to download books and other materials for free
  11. Free access to and the possibility of borrowing materials from
    Sultan Qaboos University Main Library
  12. The Research Hub services and facilities
  13. Excellent facilities (theaters, indoor and outdoor sports and
    recreational facilities)
  14. Flexible study time (morning or evening)
  15. Free Workshops (Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Soft
    Skills, Resume, and Employment)
  16. Benefits from exclusive offers for Gulf College students in various
    companies, private clinics, and others

17. Free printing quota of 450 sheets per semester
18. Free consultations in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and
specialised fields in finance, marketing, technology, intellectual
property, patents, and trademarks
19. Assistance in registering intellectual property, patents, and
20. Assistance in opening a commercial registry for students and
graduate entrepreneurs
21. Free courses in various fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
22. Free courses in various fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and The
Fourth Industrial Revolution
23. Organising exhibitions and festivals to market student projects and
display their products
24. The corporate can use our facilities if sponsoring students
25. International students services: student resident visa, receiving the
students upon their arrival to Oman, helping them in finding suitable
accommodation and transportation, with the possibility of joining the
International Students’ Ambassador Club)
26. Real working environment facilities at Gulf College and related
industries (work experience and personal development planning
module for level 5 students)
27. Students counselling
28. Sign language mentors for students with disabilities
29. Female students’ hostel
30. Talents Club
31. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club
32. Learning from peers
33. Guest speeches from the industries

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