Dr. Ali Al Hassnawi

Title:   Associate Professor, Deputy Dean for Partnerships, Quality and Registry (DDPQR)
Acting Director of Centre for Foundation Studies

Office Office of the Deputy Dean for Partnerships, Quality and Registry
Email: alialhassnawi@gulfcollege.edu.om
Tel:     24468664
Ext.#:  201

Fields of Interest:

Arabic/English Translation, Conference / Court Interpreting, Public Speaking, Contrastive Linguistics, EFL, Quality Assurance (QA)


  • Post-Doctorate in Humanities, Onassis Foundation, Greece, 2002
  • D. in Linguistics &Translation, College of Arts, Al Mustansiryyeh University, Iraq, 2000
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, College of Arts, Baghdad University, Iraq, 1994
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Arts, College of Education, Baghdad University, Iraq, 1988
  • General Diploma in Education, Teachers Institutes, Ministry of Education, Iraq, 19984

Short Bio:

Dr. Ali Al Hassnawi is an Associate Professor in Linguistics and Translation. He received his Ph.D. degree in Linguistics and Translation from Al-Mustansiryyeh University (2000), where he developed a widely-recognised model for the analysis of shifts in translation between English and Arabic. He earned the Fellowship of Onassis Foundation (2002), where he accomplished a post-doctorate degree in Humanities. He did a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics (1994), a Bachelor degree in English Language and Arts (1988), and a Diploma in Education (1984).  

Dr. Ali Al Hassnawi taught Translation, Linguistics, and English language courses, and other related subjects in many Arab higher education institutions. Besides his academic career, Dr. Al Hassnawi produced more than twenty research papers published in international journals. He authored many newspaper articles on topics related to his specialisation and his professional activity. He translated three books from English into Arabic and performed as a senior conference interpreter in several international events.

Dr. Ali Al Hassnawi Ali is an active member of several regional and international associations and professional organisations. He also appeared in several scholarly events (conference, seminars, workshops, symposiums) as a key-note speaker, presenter, and a trainer. 

In addition to his academic activity, Dr. Ali Al Hassnawi leans on more than fifteen-year experience in the field of quality assurance. He took several roles in this field (external reviewer, external examiner, review director, moderator, consultant) for many QA organisations and projects. His latest service in this regard was his QA Consultant position at the OAAAQA before he joined Gulf College in February 2021.

His research interests include contrastive linguistic issues, translation/interpretation pedagogy, foreign language teaching and training with special reference to genre-specific texts, as well the cognitive aspects of interpreting.

Selected Publications

Translations and Book Chapters

Renzull, J.S., & Reis, M. (1997). The schoolwide enrichment model: A how-to guide for educational excellence (A. Al Hassnawi, Trans.). Al Ain: University Book House.

Parsons, R.D., & Brown, K.S. (2002). Teacher as Reflective Practitioner and Action Researcher (A. Al Hassnawi, Trans.). Al Ain: University Book House.

Al Hassnawi, A. (2010). Translating collocations between English and Arabic: Establishment of collocational equivalence. In S. faiq and A. Clark (eds.). Beyond denotation in Arabic-English translation, pp.92-107, London: Sayyab Publication.

Conference Publications

Al Hassnawi, A. (2015, March). Can democracy be really translated? Translation for the local or translating of the global? Paper presented at the NETTIES 2015 13th International Conference on Networking Entities, Tenerife, Spain.

Al Hassnawi, A. (2000, August). Towards a model for the analysis of shifts in English into-Arabic translation as a case study. Paper Presented at The Second International Conference on Translation, Amman, Jordan.

Al Hassnawi, A. (2009, August). Interlanguage and translanguage: Combining FL learning process with translational competence read. Paper Presented at the 12th International Conference on Translation, Penang, Malaysia.

Al Hassnawi, A. (2020). Quality assurance of distance learning from teacher’s perspective [Webinar]. ANQAHE. http://www.anqahe.org/index.html

Journal Publications

Al Hassnawi, A. (2007). A cognitive approach to the translation of metaphors. Translation Journal,11(3).

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