Dr. Rima Mansour Al Zadjali

Title:     Dean, Gulf College
Office:  Office of Dean, Gulf College
Email:  dean@gulfcollege.edu.om
Tel:        24468664
Ext.#:    212

Fields of Interest:

Quality Assurance, Accreditation, Policy Development, Performance Management, Designing and Implementing

English Language [Programmes] Placement and Exit Tests in the General Foundation Programme (GFP)


BA, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), College of Education

MA in Language Testing and Programme Evaluation (With Distinction), University of Essex, UK

Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, University of Lancaster, UK

Dr. Rima Al Zadjali is a graduate of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), College of Education. She has an M.A. in Language Testing and Program Evaluation (with distinction) from the University of Essex, UK, and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Lancaster, UK.

Dr. Rima has been the Dean of Gulf College, Oman since May 2018. Before that, she had a long career as a senior language lecturer and a quality assurance specialist at SQU (from 1997-2018).

Dr. Rima served as the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs and Community Service at the Quality Assurance Office, SQU from 2013 to 2018. In this role, she worked closely with administrative and academic units in all matters pertaining to quality assurance, accreditation, policy development, and performance management. Dr. Rima previously served as the Deputy Director for Assessment at the Language Centre, SQU. In this post, she supervised the design and implementation of English language achievement, placement, and exit tests in the General Foundation Program (GFP).

Dr. Rima has been an external reviewer with the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) since 2010. She has participated as a panel member in a number of institutional and GFP Quality Audits. She has also served as a panel member in the first Institutional Standards Assessment in Oman and chaired the first GFP Quality Audit in Oman. She also served as Executive Officer during her secondment at the OAAA in 2012. She is also a certified KPI Trainer and Certified Performance Improvement Professional by the KPI Institute.

Dr. Rima served as a co-opted and elected member of the Executive Committee of the Oman Quality Network in Higher Education (OQNHE), now known as the Oman Association for Quality in Higher Education (OAQHE). She has also been newly appointed as a member of the OAAA Executive Board, January 5th, 2020.

Selected Publications:

Journal Publications

Al-Bulushi, A., Al-Issa, A., & Al-Zadjali, R. (2018). Qualitative perspectives on the English language content knowledge and methods on communicative language proficiency, implications for succeeding in the IELTS. Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 21(3), 67-89.

Al-Issa, A. S., Al-Bulushi, A. H., & Al-Zadjali, R. M. (2017). A critical discourse analysis of the reasons underlying Arab student-teachers’ inadequate English language proficiency. Cogent Education4(1), 1340821.

Al-Issa, A., Al-Bulushi, A., & Al-Zadjali, R. (2017). Student teachers’ perceptions on the selection criteria of English language teachers in the Sultanate of Oman: Implications for policy reconsideration. Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies13(2), 235-259.

Al-Issa, A., Al-Bulushi, A., & Al-Zadjali, R. (2017). Perceptions of the selection criteria of Omani English language teachers: Implications for policy reconsideration. Dil ve Dilbilimi Çalışmaları Dergisi13(2), 235-259.

Al-Issa, A., Al-Bulushi, A. H., & Al-Zadjali, R. (2016). Arab English Language Teaching Candidates Climbing the IELTS Mountain: A Qualitatively Driven Hermeneutic Phenomenology Study. Qualitative Report21(5).

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