Lini Gladwin​

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Lini Gladwin​

Title: Lecturer & Module Coordinator
Tel: 24468664     
Ext.#: 210

Fields of Interest:

Education: in mathematics in mathematics

Short Bio:

Ms. Lini Gladwin is a post graduate holder in Mathematics Degree after graduation in the same from Mahatma Gandhi University in India. Lini has held different positions such as Mathematics academic coordinator and member of Foundation Programme Board in Caledonian College of Engineering, Sultanate of Oman.
Having joined Gulf College recently, Lini is currently the Module Coordinator of Mathematics in the Faculty of Foundation Studies. She has vast experience in in-house research, peer observation and peer teaching and has also participated in various workshops and seminars related to professional development and academia under the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, in Oman and in India.

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