Ashraf Mohammad

Ashraf Mohammad

Title: Lecturer
Tel: 24468666
Ext.#: 208

Fields of Interest:

Teaching, Learning and Technology


Master of Applied Linguistics, University of Putra, Malaysia
Bachelor of English, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Short Bio:

Mr. Ashraf is a lecturer in the faculty of Business and Management Studies. He specialises in teaching English to students at the undergraduate level. He believes in working as a guide to students to channelise their inborn curiosity to lead their way to discovery and learning and that it is the responsibility of the teachers to provide such opportunity to students by way of giving hands-on activities and incorporating technology to make such natural learning conducive. Ashraf is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics through Putra University, Malaysia with a Master’s degree in the same field. He has attended several international seminars, workshops, training in teaching and learning development. His areas of research interest encompass Teaching, English language studies, Learning, and Technology. In the faculty, he teaches English Language Proficiency, English for Academic purposes, and Study Skills modules.

Selected Publications:

Dhari, S.S., Mohamad, H., & Mohamad, A. (in press). The impact of Arabic (L1) on Iraqi EFL undergraduates’ use of English prepositions at Al-Hikmah University College. Elementary Education Online.

Mohamad, A., & Dhari, S.S. (2021). Attitudes of Jordanian undergraduate students toward learning English language in private and public universities in Jordan. Palarch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology, 18(4).

Mohamad, A., & Dhari, S.S. (2020). Analyzing different phrases structure between Malay, Arabic and English. International Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 9(6).

Dhari, S.S., & Mohamad, A. (2020). Undergraduate students’ attitudes in public and private universities in Baghdad about learning English language in Iraq. Humanities and Natural Sciences Journal,1(4).

Mohamad, A. (2016). Language needs of Syrian immigrant workers in Malaysia. International Journal of Linguistics, 2(9).

Abdelaal, N. M., Alisood, A. M., & Sase, A. S. (2015). Investigating Obama’s Ideology in his Speech on Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research2(7), 228-246.

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