Mr. Waleed Said

Title: Deputy Dean for Student & Admin Support (DDSAS)
Office: Office of the Deputy Dean for Student & Admin Support
Tel: 24468664

Financial commitment

           Students and Admin Support (SAS) is a Centre in Gulf College that supports faculty, staff and students. SAS commits to maintain pro-active budgeting and planning as well as devotes to manage, overseer and keeping in safe the college financial resources, human resources and physical resources. SAS adheres to institutionalise the progress of financial communication with all stakeholders and holds to continuously prolong the financial vigor of the College for current operations and future educational and technological advancement.

Faculty and students commitment

           Students and Admin Support (SAS) continuously renewing its commitment to address the staff and students concern. SAS assures to continuously provide good working condition and study infusing environment. SAS affirms to uphold the continuous progress of students’ services in terms of campus facilities, parking spaces, clinic, library learning resources, and IT related facilities. Further, SAS fully recognise human contribution in the continuous operation of the college. Hence, SAS commits to provide optimal service to staff in terms of training, research and professional growth as well as providing stress free working condition. SAS supports holistic performance appraisal approach as a motivating factor in the performance of the staffs’ respective duty thereby offers great contribution in attaining the mission and vision of the college.