Omaima Ali Ahmed

Omaima Ali Ahmed

Title: Assistant Lecturer
Email: oumayma
Tel: 24468666
Ext.#: 146

Fields of Interest:

Special Education in Sign Language


Ph.D. Candidate in Special Education, USIM, Malaysia

Master’s Degree in Special Education, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Ahfad University of Women, Sudan

Short Bio:

A Ph.D. candidate in Special Education with A master’s degree in the same field from Sudan University of Science and Technology – Sudan, Omaima Ali Ahmed is an energetic interpreter for Deaf students. She is an expert in sign language and Deaf Education. She is a postgraduate student researching special education and sign language. She is holding a master’s degree in Special Education with more than 16 years of experience as a sign language interpreter. She is an active participant in rehabilitation & education for deaf children. She can communicate with Deaf people as well as being gifted to coexist with different cultures and different work environments participate in team and community affairs, has a strong preference for straightforward communication, expedites action, willing to venture into the unknown, able to handle a variety and demanding assignments, makes decisions and acts without precedence.

Selected Publications

Mustafa, M., & Ali, O. (2020). Examining perceptions of Malaysian autistic children social interaction for virtual reality. Korean Observer, 796, 1-14.

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