Employment Training Courses

Within the efforts of Gulf College to encourage and support entrepreneurship initiatives and urge the competent institutions to consider concerted efforts to support entrepreneurship in the Sultanate, it has developed innovative programs that would contribute to finding ways to establish an entrepreneurial culture and solutions to obstacles that would provide decent job opportunities for those looking for work from high school graduates, diplomas and university degrees.


With the encouragement of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Gulf College has established a training unit that designs and delivers specialized training programs approved by the Ministry and the CPD Standards Office in the United Kingdom. These programs support various professional and professional sectors, and they are prepared in partnership with professional societies and specialized authorities through a method of work followed by Gulf College to implement such programs in partnership with community service institutions and professional associations, following the principles of B2B so that the training program is designed jointly between the two parties.

The following training programs were designed based on the results of scientific studies and research with the aim of training in the skills necessary to work in specific professions or set up private projects.

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