BA (Hons) Business and Management Studies


The programme aims to provide a high quality and relevant undergraduate programme, developing in students a critical appreciation of the complexities within the modern world of Business & Management.

Who is the Awarding body?

The BA (Hons) Business and Management Studies – GENERIC is awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

What does the Programme contain?

On successful completion of the Business and Management Studies: Generic programme, student should be able to critically understand the role of the manager, rather than the specialist, and the challenges, risks and opportunities they face. Also, the ability to understand and evaluate the areas underpinning successful business operations in terms of operations and strategy. Furthermore, a critical understanding of the areas at the interface of businesses and their customers and stakeholders – law, supply chains and social & corporate responsibility.

Where does the Qualification lead to?

Graduates will be global and ethical in outlook with an awareness of the dangers and opportunities of ever changing digital and technological developments. Graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to analysing and managing the problems that 21st Century Business World will present.

How much time period does it takes?

The BA (Hons) Business and Management Studies – GENERIC can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

Programme Structure



Module Title (Credits)



Level 3


Semester/ Block 1


GLT3001 –  English Language Proficiency

(20 Credits)


GLT3006 –  English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills

(20 Credits)


GRM3004 – Academic & Professional Skills

(20 Credits)

GIS3000 – Information Technology in the Modern World

(20 Credits)

GRM3003 – Application of Numeracy

(20 Credits)

Semester/ Block 2

GHL3001 – Fundamentals of Management and Accounting (20 Credits)

GRM3002 -Entrepreneurship (Fundamentals and Concepts) (20 Credits)

GAC3000 – Personal Finance

(20 Credits)



Level 4


Semester/ Block 1

GHL4010 – Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business (20 Credits)

GRM4009 – Business Information Systems (20 Credits)

GAC4010- Finance for Managers

(20 Credits)

Semester/ Block 2

GSP4064 – Introduction to Marketing (20 Credits)

GEC4008 – Business Economics (20 Credits)

GHL4016 – Managing People at Work

(20 Credits)



Level 5


Semester/ Block 1

GRM5036 – Business Research and Reporting (20 Credits)

GES5001 – Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices (20 Credits)

GSP5068 – Contemporary Operations Management (20 Credits)

Semester/ Block 2

GRM5007 – Work Experience (20 Credits)

GRM5002 – Intercultural Awareness for Business

(20 Credits)

GSP5071 – Business In Action

(20 Credits)










Level 6


Semester/ Block 1

GSP6064 – Change Leadership

(20 Credits)



Choose any two (20 Credits) modules [or] one (40 Credits) module and any one (20 Credits) module from below:

·   GSP6032 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship (20 Credits)

·   GHL6023 – International People Management (20 Credits)

·   GSP6002 – Contemporary Business Communications (20 Credits)

·      GRM6004 – Dissertation (40 Credits)


·      GES6000 – Launching an Enterprise (40 Credits)

Semester/ Block 2

GSP6000 – Strategic Management (20 Credits)


If selected a 40 Credits module in Block 1 then choose any one 20 Credits module [or] any two 20 Credits modules from below:

·   GAC6030 – Contemporary Finance (20 Credits)

·   GHL6025 – Legal and Managerial Responsibilities in Employment (20 Credits)

·   GLC6004 – International Business and Cultural Diversity (20 Credits)

·   GES6003- Ethical Supply Chain Management (20 Credits)


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