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Taqi Bin Abdul Redha Bin Ali Al Abdwani

Prof. Dr. Taqi Bin Abdul Redha Bin Ali Al Abdwani, a distinguished Omani academic, has significantly contributed to the fields of business communication, human resources, marketing, and cognitive behaviour therapy. Born on 20th July 1966, he is an alumnus of the University of Reading and the University of Lincoln in the UK, where he completed his PhD and Master’s, respectively.

Prof. Al Abdwani holds esteemed positions in several professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. His expertise extends to various roles in international journals, where he serves as editor-in-chief and board member.

Throughout his academic career, he has demonstrated versatility through his involvement in academic instruction, postgraduate supervision, curriculum development, and professional development. He has also played a pivotal role in strategic and management capacities, notably as the founder and chairman of the Gulf Specialized Hospital and in leadership positions at Gulf College, Oman.

His publications include books on soft skills and numerous research papers focusing on topics like artificial intelligence in communication, the effect of music on communication abilities, and the development of soft skills in academia and industry.

Prof. Al Abdwani further demonstrates his commitment to education and professional development by actively participating as a keynote speaker and presenter at various international conferences. He covers diverse topics ranging from global challenges in education to entrepreneurship and SMEs.

His contributions have significantly impacted the education, business, and healthcare sectors, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge and skills in these areas.

Ali H. Al-Badi

Prof. Dr. Ali H. Al-Badi is currently working as a Full Professor and the Deputy Dean of Academic Af- fairs and Research at the Gulf College, Muscat, Oman. He worked as an Associate Professor in in- formation systems and an Assistant Dean of Post- graduate Studies and Research at the College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat. He received his education in Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.K., and USA. He has more than 29 years of practical and academic experience
in information technology. After graduating from Reading University, U.K., he started working with the Centre for Information Systems (CIS), Sultan Qaboos University. He has held various positions in the center, since then, where he gained most of his practical experience working on and overseeing different IT projects. From September 2007 to March 2011, he held the CIS director’s position, sharing his time between managing the center and performing his academic duties. From September 2012 to In September 2015, he was the Head of the Information Systems department. College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University. Furthermore, he contributed to different committees at both the university and national levels. He has been continually active in research. He has published his work in several reputable peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at various local, national, and international conferences. He served as an editorial board member of several highly reputed international conferences and refereed journals.

Issa Alshabibi

Dr Issa Alshabibi holds a PhD in entrepreneurship education from Cardiff University in the UK and a master degree from New Jersey City University in the USA. He has published research in Oxford Archives about entrepreneurship as a skill formation strategy in Higher Education. He works as a director of research and innovation programs at MoHERI.

Reza Pishghadam

Prof. Dr. Reza Pishghadam is a professor of language education and a professor by courtesy of educational psychology at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Right now, he is a consultant at Gulf College, Oman. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Society, Culture and Language (Scopus Q1) and Journal of Cognition, Emotion and education.

Haitham Y. Adarbah

Dr. Haitham Y. Adarbah received the bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, in 2004, the master’s degree in computer science from Amman Arab University, Amman, in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree in wireless networks from De Montfort University, Leicester, U.K., in 2015. He is currently an assistant professor and the programme leader of the Centre for Training and Community Relations at Gulf College. As an Assistant Professor, he is also very interested in 5G, V2X, Digital Twin, and mobile ad hoc networks (MANET): route discovery schemes, routing techniques, bandwidth utilization, power consumption, delay, security wireless networks, and network simulation and modeling. He has authored several research papers, which were all published in various international journals and conferences.

Amer Al-Hinai

Prof. Dr. Amer Al-Hinai received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from West Virginia University. He is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and also serves as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research (DVC-PSR) at Sultan Qaboos University. Previously, he served as the founding Director of SQU’s Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC). Additionally, he was a Visiting Professor at the Masdar Institute (MI) of Science and Technology, UAE. Furthermore, he served as a Member and Chairman of the Authority for Electricity Regulation in Oman. He was also a presidium member of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA). Prof. Al-Hinai is a senior member of the IEEE, previously served as the Chairman of the IEEE – Oman Section, and holds a Consultant grade from the Oman Society of Engineers. He has secured a large number of internal and external research grants and published over 100 Scopus-indexed journal and conference papers. Prof. Al-Hinai has received several awards, including the SQU Distinguished Researcher Award, Best research paper awards, recognition on SQU University Day for research and international awards, and one of the Pioneers in Engineering Practice in the Gulf. His research interests span diverse areas related to energy, such as energy production, renewable energy resources, power systems, energy efficiency, energy management, and energy conversion. He has been a keynote and invited speaker at various local and international events. Currently, he serves as the Editorial Board Chairman of 7 SQU journals, a member of the editorial board of the Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology.

Suleiman Salim Al-Husseini

Dr. Al-Husseini is a full-time researcher at the University of Nizwa, Oman. He was Director of the Foundation Institute at the same university from 2009 to 2013. His academic specialization is in English as a foreign language (TEFL) and his academic interests center around how to effectively support Omani students, teacher professional development, and improvement of the learning environment. In addition to TEFL, Dr. Al-Husseini is interested in inter/intra-faith dialogue, history of civilizations, and personality development. He regularly attends international conferences, forums, and workshops. He also delivers presentations and lectures to young Omanis in schools and universities, participates in media discussions, writes newspaper articles, and authors books on educational and cultural topics. Dr. Al-Husseini has a Bachelor’s in Education from SQU in Oman and an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds in the U.K.

Jamilla Al Hinai

Dr. Jamilla Al Hinai Director of Strategic Planning and Studies at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. She is the official representative of the Ministry at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Islamic Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ISESCO).

Before that, she also worked at the Research Council (formerly) as the Director of the Environment and Bio-resources research sector, as well as Director of the Strategic Research Programs of the sector. She led the project to prepare the National Strategy for Scientific Research and Development 2040.

Dr. Jamila Al-Hinai obtained her PhD degree in economic geography studies, in the field of science, technology and innovation policies, from Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography in the United Kingdom. Her research interests focus on studying knowledge and technological clusters and their impact on supporting the knowledge-based economy. In addition to scientific papers, she has published a book entitled Compass of Administrative Leadership, which is a collection of letters in management and leadership. She also published a collection of scientific stories for young scientists aiming to spread awareness of future science trends and promote the building of scientific and technical leaders.

Walid Hassan

Dr. Walid Hassan 20+ years of experience in supporting Academia, Governments and Corporates in the EMEA region with their R&D, research leadership and innovation strategies.

As the Director of Solutions, EMEA at Clarivate, Dr. Walid supports partners in boosting research, innovation performance and effectiveness, allowing them to put their products faster in the market at a lower cost. 

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