Student Activities Department


  • To organise extra-curricular activities and events for Gulf College students and other educational institutions related to cultural, social and sports in order to develop various skills;
  • To host sports tournaments and competitions;
  • To develop and maintain the culture of social responsibility among students;
  • To motivate staff members and students to be actively involved in community engagement activities and events; and
  • To support and strengthen national identity and establish and promote patriotism among students.


Balarab Al Battashi

Ext.: 198

Tasks of Student Activities Department

Organising various activities and events (internal and external) for the college’s students (cultural, artistic, sports, social, national, entertainment, entrepreneurship, awareness)

Participation in the activities and events of higher education institutions at the local, regional and international levels

Participation in sports tournaments organized by the Omani Committee for University Sports and at the level of the Sultanate

Organizing a ceremony honoring outstanding students in the field of student activities

Hosting and organizing various activities and events in the college

Organising national and international celebrations and events

Students Clubs

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