Student Activities Department


  • To organise extra-curricular activities and events for Gulf College students and other educational institutions related to cultural, social and sports in order to develop various skills;
  • To host sports tournaments and competitions;
  • To develop and maintain the culture of social responsibility among students;
  • To motivate staff members and students to be actively involved in community engagement activities and events; and
  • To support and strengthen national identity and establish and promote patriotism among students.


Balarab Al Battashi

Ext.: 198

Ahmed Al-Saadi

Ext.: 236

Gulf College Clubs

Culture and Art Club
Media Club
Community Friends Club
Sports and Health Club
Library and Technology Club
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club


To lead the cultural development and raise the awareness of the technical and the strengthening of the national identity of Oman and the embodiment of the values ​​of knowledge, love and beauty, raise the public taste and contribute to the construction of a national personality belonging to the balanced and look at the world.


Building an excellent and distinguished dialogue that combines authenticity and modernity and leads the tolerant Omani thought the future that promotes the nation, respect for cultural diversity, embodies the values ​​of dialogue, appreciates the other and elevates the beautiful arts.


  1. Supporting and spreading cultural and knowledge awareness in all fields.
  2. Encourage students to innovate and show their cultural, poetic, literary or artistic talents.
  3. Organizing cultural and artistic seminars and workshops.
  4. Partnership with the institutions of society and those concerned with literature and culture.
  5. Spread awareness of the value, history, past and present of the country and preserve its national heritage.
  6. Adopt the values ​​of productive constructive dialogue in communication with others.

Club Areas:

  1. Music
  2. Poetry
  3. Debates
  4. Art
  5. Design
  6. Theater


Enhancing media communication between the college and the outside community, and introducing the faculty’s message, its cultural and research vision, and its pioneering role in society.


Spreading the culture of modern media by highlighting the students’ media talents, developing them and refining them through theoretical and practical lectures and workshops.


1. Develop students’ media talents and help them discover their abilities.

2. Planting the spirit of leadership, and opening new horizons in the field of media .

3. Cooperation between club members and the outside community .

4. Spreading awareness among students about the importance of media .

5. Coverage and dissemination of university events, and the definition of the outside community of the college community.


1. Photography. 

2. The press. 

3. Speech and presentation.


Leadership in community service and development.


To spread the culture of volunteer work and to seek the rehabilitation of students with the expertise, knowledge and skills necessary to serve their community and contribute to their development .


1. Encourage students to volunteer and social work and develop the spirit of teamwork and participate in the elimination of some negative phenomena in society.

2. Giving students the opportunity to express and participate in and out of college

3. Collaborate with groups concerned with special groups in raising awareness among the different groups of society and their families to achieve a better life for them

4. Preparing the youth educationally to form their personality through the field of eight scouting movement (religious education, cultural and intellectual education, social education, physical and health education, community development and service, arts and skills and scout traditions).


1.Youth initiatives .

2.Voluntary Teams.


A sports society with a sporty spirit that is able to shine and achieve the best sports results  Mission: Spreading the correct sports culture and spreading the spirit to reach a healthy mind with a healthy body.


1. Raising the level of sports for students and instilling sport in the university community.

2. Maintaining the public health of students through health and sports awareness programs.

3. Spread and introduce new concepts and sports in the community.

4. Hosting tournaments for the surrounding community to ensure that the college interacts.

5. Participation and representation in local, Arab and international championships.

Club Areas:

1. football

2. Volleyball and handball

3. Tennis 4. Basketball

5. Swimming and athletics

6. Billiards and chess.


Making the library an environment suitable for creating young people aware of the importance of exploiting the books and knowledge available for innovation and renewal and the promotion of the homeland .


Harness the knowledge available in the library to serve students and researchers.


1. Introducing the library and its information services to facilitate the means of utilization and search in the easiest and least time.

2. Identify the needs of the beneficiaries of information sources to assist in the development of groups.

3. Contribute to the activities provided by the library through the brainstorming and participation in its implementation.

4. Spreading cultural awareness .

5. Encourage and encourage students to read, read and research.


1.Books .

2. Electronic Resources .

3. Documentation and archiving.

4. Technology.


To achieve leadership at the university and local level in supporting and stimulating entrepreneurship.


Establish a culture of excellence and instill entrepreneurship among young people, attract young business people and develop their abilities to build future leaders.


1.   To foster entrepreneurship and raise awareness of the culture of entrepreneurship among young people.

2.   Highlighting youth experiences and sharing experiences among young people.

3.   Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at the local, regional and international.

4.   Provide orientation courses, workshops, meetings and summits to accommodate young people and their ambitious ideas.

Club Areas:

1.   Marketing 2.   Administration 3.   businesses 4.   Project management 5.   Innovation 6.   Incubators

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