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Student Council Objectives:

  1. To participate in the improvement and development of the educational processes and the services provided to the students;
  2. To follow up on the students’ issues, raise their awareness, build on their achievements, and work with the College administration to solve their problems;
  3. To take the outstanding students in hand, and create the appropriate atmosphere for them to deal with their studies and conduct research;
  4. To work on raising the quality of student activities in its various scientific, cultural and social domains.

Student Advisory Council (Fifth) Annual Report AY 2019-2020

Student Advisory Council (Fourth) Annual Report AY 2018-2019

Council Committees:

Academic Affairs Committee

This committee surveys the students’ opinions on the academic challenges they face and suggests possible solutions.

Student Services Committee

It surveys the opinion of students on the challenges they face in student services, proposes means to address them, and follows up on the quality of student services within the College.

Activities and Initiatives Committee

It aims at developing an integrated plan for the activities, programmes, and events that are held by the Council annually. This Committee also supports the students’ initiatives within the College and proposes appropriate mechanisms to positively implement such initiatives.

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