Recognition of Prior Learning Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing (AS): is an agreement with another institution whereby an individual student who has undertaken part of a course of study at the institution may apply to transfer to an appropriate programme of study at the University. Applications are dealt with on an individual basis and follow normal admissions procedures.

      Accreditation/Recognition of prior learning (APL/RPL): a process for assessing and, as appropriate, recognising prior learning or prior certificated learning for academic purposes. This recognition may give the learning a credit-value in a credit-based structure and allow it to be counted towards the completion of a programme of study and the award(s) or qualifications associated with it.

     The APLs will enable an individual to incorporate previous relevant theoretical and/or practical learning into a programme of study. Accreditation is a means of considering all relevant formal certificated learning for credit towards a named award. Units of learning, theoretical or practical that are accepted for accreditation must be of compatible value to the programme content and academic level. Please see appendix below for the process of claiming APL/AS


Evidence must satisfy the following criteria:

Validity – evidence must be provided that the prior learning for which the applicant is claiming credit is relevant to the programme they have applied for at Staffordshire University. The applicant must demonstrate that there is an appropriate match in both level and content between the previous studies and the Staffordshire University module or modules for which they are seeking exemption.

Currency – prior learning must have been gained sufficiently recent to make it still of value. The time limits may vary according to subject area but qualifications older than FIVE years are unlikely to be considered.

Sufficiency – applicants must provide enough evidence to fully demonstrate they have achieved the credit currently being claimed.

Authenticity – evidence must be provided that relates to the applicants own efforts and should be able to be verified as such.



The language admissions requirement for all SU undergraduate awards starting from level 4 is IELTS 6 or an agreed equivalent.  Each individual student must be able to demonstrate IELTS 6

If there is no documentary evidence then students will be subject to a compulsory, approved test at GC to ensure IELTS 6.0 competency.

Any students certified with a diploma from another college who want to transfer are not allowed to join Gulf College for one year after the date mentioned on their diploma / certificate.

APL or Advanced Standing is linked to credits and exemption from part of a new programme of study is possible but a student must meet the other admission requirements.



Process for claiming accreditation/recognition of prior learning (APL/RPL) and AS


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