Dr. Anna Bocar

Dr. Anna Bocar

Title: Assistant Professor
Email: anna@gulfcollege.edu.om
Tel:    24468666
Ext.# 145

Fields of Interest:

Teaching and Learning, Human Resource Management, Social Issues, Cultural Issues, Managerial Issues, Science and Technology


Doctor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Bachelor of Science in Commerce- Accounting (BSC)

Short Bio:

Dr. Anna is a lecturer with more than two decades of experience in higher education. She joined Gulf College in 2015 as a Lecturer, before which she served as a Subject Coordinator of the Social Sciences Department, Director of Human Resources, and Head of the Doctor of Business Administration programme at La Salle University, Philippines.

She is a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration at Immaculate Conception College, La Salle, and Bachelor’s in Laws from Misamis University in the Philippines.

She presented her paper related to COVID-19 during the 2021 virtual international conference hosted by Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies and the University of Buraimi, where her paper was selected as the “Best Paper”.

She acted as the Session Chair of Track 3, the Humanities and Social Sciences, during the virtual International Conference on Multidisciplinary Industry and Academic Research (ICMIAR) 2020.  She gave a talk as the Keynote Speaker during the Virtual Conference hosted by Aligarh Muslim University in India with the theme Imbibing Professional Skills among Law Practitioners.  

Before the mentioned recognitions, she is the recipient of the “Best Paper Award” and the “Best Paper Presentation” for her paper presented on Regional Challenges to Multidisciplinary Innovation at 2015, a conference organised by the Global Illuminators in UAE. She was recognised and awarded as one of the “Outstanding Researchers of the Philippines” in 2013 by the Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ACMRHE 2013). She is a Senior Member of the International Economics Development Research Centre (IEDRC) and a peer reviewer at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation of Oman (MoHERI).

She is an ardent researcher and has several paper publications and presentations at both national and international levels. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Review of Social Sciences Research by the Institute of Industry and Academic Research Incorporated.  She is an active contributor to Social Science Research Network, (SSRN-Elsevier) and ResearchGate, a social networking site for scientists and researchers.

She teaches Financial Services, Managing Organisations, and Introduction to Tourism in the faculty. In addition, she handles lectures in Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business, Leadership and Change Management, and Legal Framework in Employment. Moreover,  she also conducts lectures in Strategic Management with the Centre for Post-Graduate  Studies and Research.

Selected Publications:

Journal Publications

Bocar, A. C. (2020). Managerial Roles: Intuitions of the Academic Institution Employees, an evidence from the universities in Ozamiz City. International Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Science and Humanities3(2).

Bocar, A.C., & Allen, S.S. (2019). Foremost factor that distracts students’ achievement on academic goals and their prevailing stress reliever activities. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 7(6S5), 828-838.

Bocar, A.C., & Al-Wahaibi, A.S.M. (2018). Cultural, Social, and national setting and the most common factor that hinders women’s empowerment. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 5(3), 43-50.

Bocar, A. C., Jocson, G., & Daguman, I. (2017). Identity Status and the Psychological Need Satisfaction at Work of the Employees. Humanistic Management Association, Research Paper Series, (17-29).

Bocar, A. C., & Tizon, M. (2017). Study habits and the perceived factors that distract the concentration of La Salle University freshmen. Anthropology of Education eJournal, 2(76).

Bocar, A.C., & Jocson, G.G. (2016). Students life goals, their awareness category and cognizance on the benefits of higher education. International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, 4(6), 48-58

Bocar A. C., & Biong, C. (2015). Role of information and communication technology: Its impact on students’ learning and the extent of effects to social, recreational and sports activities. American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering, 1(2), 59-67.

Bocar, A. C., & Tizon, M. N. (2014). Teachers’ writing, publication, research presentation, and professional competency. IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research10(1).

Conference Publications

Bocar, A. (2020, October). Managerial roles: Intuitions of the academic institution employees, an evidence from the universities in Ozamiz city. Paper presented at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship studies, Business, Economy, and Management Science (4th ESBEM).  

Bocar, A., Rachmawati, A., & Rahmawati, S. (2019, July). Teachers revelation on the level of their self-motivation. Paper Presented at 2019 BES Conference, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Bocar, A., Gliten, J., Rachmawati, A., & Mulyaningsih, H. (2019, July).  Top three predominant causes of failure in corporate managership: Employees’ insight. Paper Presented at the SOSCIS, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Bocar, A. (2017, October). Cultural, social and national setting and the most common factors that hinders women’s empowerment. Paper Presented at Learning Transformation towards 21st Century Work Skills, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Bocar, A., & Al Shabibi, A.R. (2017, May). Personal qualities and skills of college students in one of the private colleges in Oman. Paper Presented at The 1st Arab Open University Student Research (AOU-SRC) 2017: Making a Difference, Muscat, Oman.

Bocar, A.C. (2015, October). Extent of human resource activities in the academic institution. Paper Presented at Reginal Challenges to Multidisciplinary Innovations (RCMI-2015), Dubai, UAE.

Bocar A. C. (2013, March). Difficulties encountered by the student – researchers and the effects on their research output. Paper presented at the Global Summit on Education, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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