Dr. Ruel F. Ancheta

Dr. Ruel F. Ancheta

Title: Assistant Professor
Email: ruel@gulfcollege.edu.om
Tel: 24468666

Fields of Interest:

English Language Teaching, Educational Management and Leadership


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Major in Educational Management
Master of Arts in English Language Teaching (MAT)
Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.SEd.) major in the English Language

Short Bio:

Dr. Ruel is a lecturer with more than 2 decades of teaching experience at graduate and undergraduate levels. Coupled with his teaching, he has massed industry experience in the field of HR, training, and development. He is a motivated lecturer who strives to make each student feel heard and cared for. He is dedicated to his profession and committed to the development of his students.

Dr. Ruel is a doctorate in Educational Management from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, a Master’s in English Language Teaching from Philippine Normal University, and a bachelor’s in Secondary Education with a major in English from Romblon State University. He is a licensed teacher from the Philippines and a Certified TESOL teacher (English language Teacher for Speakers of Other Languages). At Gulf College, he teaches general English, Academic Study Skills, English language proficiency, and English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills.

Selected Publications:

Journal Publications

Ancheta, R, & Ancheta, H.B. (2020). The new normal in education: A challenge to the private basic education institutions in the philippines?. International Journal of Educational Management and Development Studies1(1), 1-19.

Ancheta, R. F., Simagala, E. E., & Daniel, M. D. (2019). Challenges encountered by EFL tutors of Academic Study Skills module: A pedagogical point of view. International Journal of Social Science and Technology, 4(5), 1-13.

Ancheta, R.F. (2018). Review on the delivery of general study skills module: A tutors’ experience. European Journal of Education Studies, 5(4), 13-26.

Ancheta, R. F. (2018). Reading Ability of EFL learners: The case of level 3 students of Gulf College, Oman. European Journal of English Language Teaching, 3(3).

Ancheta, R. F., & Simagala, E. E. (2017). Grammar errors in written composition of selected Level 3 students of Gulf College: Basis for remediation. International Journal of English Research,3 (2) 63-67.

Conference Publications

Ancheta, R.F. (2020, February). Review on the delivery of general study skills module: A tutor’s experience. Paper Presented at Spain International Conference on Educational Research and Development (SICERD-2020), Valencia, Spain.

Ancheta, R.F. (2018, January). Grammar errors in written composition of selected Level 3 students of Gulf College: Basis for reinforcement. Paper Presented at Convergence 2: The Second Annual ACT-ELC Forum on English Language Instruction- “New Perspectives, Emerging Trends in ELT”, Al Musana, Oman.

Ancheta, R. F., Manalo, R. L., Simagala, E. E., & Gilbang, C. (2016, April). Spelling errors committed by semester 1 students of Gulf College in written composition: Basis for remediation. Paper Presented at the 6th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ancheta, R.F. (2016, February). SWOT Analysis of the priority training programme: Its implication to priority formulation. Paper Presented at Innovation in Engineering and Management (ICIEM 2016), Muscat, Oman.

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