FCS activates its Communities of Practice

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FCS activates its Communities of Practice
11/2/2017 10:26:34 AM
In its quest for educational excellence, the Faculty enables its Communities of Practice (CoP) that aim to engage its members in a collective learning and knowledge sharing for personal and professional development. The Faculty formed two (2) groups of teaching staff who first met last October 19, 2017. The Programme Leaders engaged the groups in intense discussion relating to Teaching, Learning, Assessment, and Curriculum. In response, the staff eagerly shared their insights, perspective, and experiences on the aforementioned topics. After the brainstorming sessions, each community produced an action plan in order to address the areas that need improvement. On top of their agenda are to improve the teaching skills of its members and produce effective assessments. Furthermore, these communities produced common actions that include conducting workshops related to teaching and technical skills development and assessment construction, knowledge sharing sessions, and collaborative research.

The Faculty is very positive that these communities are able to improve the overall educational experience.

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