CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants


The Chartered Institute for Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world’s leading and largest professional body of management accountants. Its unique blend of management accounting, financial accounting and business-focused subjects produces competent and confident CGMAs who can lead their organisations to sustainable success. Anyone can study the CIMA qualification, whether they are new to finance and business or an experienced professional

Become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

Build your financial knowledge and gain new skills like financial analysis, project management, negotiation and leadership by studying with CIMA at Gulf College Training Unit. Special courses designed for Graduate, Entrepreneurs and employees in Finance and Accounting positions. The skills and experience you will gain through this programme can help you climb the corporate ladder faster, so why wait? Register now and be on your way to becoming a CGMA designation holder with the world’s largest body of management accountants

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Preparatory classes provided for

  • Strategic Level
    • Strategic Case Study Exam
      • E3 (Strategic Management )
      • P3 ( Risk Management )
      • F3 (Financial Strategy )
    • Management Level

Award : CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Adv Dip MA)


  • Management Case Study Exam
    • E2 (Project and Relationship Management)
    • P2 (Advanced Management Accounting)
    • F2 (Advanced Financial Reporting)
  • Operation Level

Award : CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Dip MA)


  • Operational Case Study Exam
    • E1 (Operational Management )
    • P1 (Management Accounting)
    • F1 (Financial Reporting and Taxation)
  • Certificate Level

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA Cert BA)

  • BA1 (Fundamental of Business Economics)
  • BA2 (Fundamental of Management Accounting)
  • BA3 (Fundamental of Management Accounting)
  • BA4
    • Fundamental of Ethics.
    • Cooperate Governance and Business Law

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