BSc (Hons) in Sport Management


The Sport Management degree programme has been developed with reference to different benchmark, Employer standards and the European Observatoire for Sport Employment, and Sports Administration Framework. 

The programme has also been designed to ensure the learning experience is progressive and students achieve the outcomes and demonstrate the attributes expected at each level of study.  Professional practice modules at level 4 are designed to ensure students are given the opportunity to develop key skills that link to Cardiff Metropolitan EDGE competencies.  Therefore, in addition to gaining the Higher Education credits for these modules, students will be given the opportunity to gain relevant industry specific awards across various elements of the sport and physical activity industry.

Who is the Awarding body?

The BSc (Hons) in Sport Management is awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

What does the Programme contain?

  • The different aspects, roles, and functions of management within the Sports Sector and the relationship between these functions in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of Sports
  • An understanding of the role of Sports in contemporary organisations
  • Demonstrate a broad and critical understanding of the global sports context including its main institutional frameworks
  • Knowledge of the functional areas of sports and the forces shaping the wider environment
  • Display an understanding of research in the area of sport and its contribution to practice
  • Recognition of cultural differences and how these impact on Sport
  • Use of the target language for purposes of understanding and communication in a range of professional and interpersonal settings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of aspects of the cultures, communities, and societies where the language is

Where does the Qualification lead to?

Graduates from Sport Management are now working in national governing bodies of sport, leisure trusts, commercial organisations and professional sport. Many students also pursue their own ideas and set up their own businesses. Other students have continued onto further study on Master’s programmes such as the MSc Management and Leadership programme or MSc Sport Broadcasting and subsequently, further progress to doctoral level studies

How much time period does it takes?

The BSc (Hons) in Sport Management can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

Programme Structure

Level Se Module Title (Credits)



Level 3





GLT3001 – English Language Proficiency (20)

Analysis of Case Study 40% – End+ Debate 30% End+ Notetaking 30% End

GLT3006 – English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills (20)

CTEST1 50% – End+ PRES1 30%-End + WRIT1 20% End

GRM3004 – Academic & Professional Skills (20)

CTEST1 50% Mid + WRIT1 50% End

GIS3000 – Information Technology in the Modern World (20)

PRAC1 50% Mid +

CTEST1 50% – End

GRM3003 – Application of Numeracy (20)

CTEST1 50% Mid + EXAM1 50% End




GHL3001 – Fundamentals of Management and Accounting (20)

WRIT1 50% Mid + EXAM1 50% End

GRM3002 -Entrepreneurship (F& C) (20)

EXAM1-50% Mid +

WRIT1-50% End

GAC3000 – Personal Finance (20)

WRIT1 30% Mid+ EXAM1 70% End



Level 4




GSP4100 – Research and Scholarship (20)


GSP4108 – Global Sports Industry (20)


GSP4109- The Sport Consumer (20)




GSP4110 – Managing Sport and Physical Activity (20)


GSP4102 – Professional Development (20)


GSP4111 – Sport Marketing and Communications (20)




Level 5




GSP5103 – Professional Placement (20)


GSP5107 – Managing People (20)


GSP5105 – Enterprise in Sport and Health (20)




GSP5100 – Research Design and Practice (20)


GSP5106 – Applied Marketing and Communications – (20)


Optional (20)


Level 6







GSP6100 – Final Project (40)

WRIT1 100% End

GSP6101 – Industry Placement (20)


GSP6103 – Economics of Sport (20)




GSP6000 – Strategic Management (20)


Optional (20)

Level 5 Semester 2: Optional

Level 6 Semester 2: Optional

GSP5108 – Sport Policy and Insight (20)

GSP6104 – Contemporary Issues in Sport Development (20)

GSP5109 – Sport and Physical Activity Participation (20)

GSP6105 – Sport Consultancy (20)


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